RCF 12 and 9007-AS Speakers and Subwoofers

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Powered by a 1400W digital amplifier, the black 12″ Active Flyable Subwoofer from RCF is designed to complement the HDL 6-A speaker system. It features a built-in digital stereo crossover (DSP) with adjustable crossover frequency to connect the HDL 6-A line array module or a satellite. This compact, active sub enclosure is equipped with transparent-to-sound foam backing inside to protect transducers from dust. The heavy-duty front grille is powder coated.
The SUB 9007-AS is one of the most powerful 2×21” subwoofers in the field of live sound. Featuring two, high power, hyper-vented 21” neodymium woofers with 4.0” inside-outside voice coils, this cabinet deliver a serious amount of low frequencies. Powered by a 7200 W digital amplifier, the SUB 9007-AS can perform in the most demanding situations. The housing of the SUB 9007-AS match the RCF D-Line HDL 50 and HDL 20 array systems, enabling stacked systems matched a perfect combination.


2 Top Speakers

2 Sub Woofers

1 Audio Mixer

2 Microphones



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